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Beaver of Bolton Country Clothing Clearance Offers

We are delighted to be able to afford our customers access to some selected lines that have been made available as Clearance Offers.  The items listed in this section are available in limited sizes and colours, so be quick in securing your purchase(s).  Please note that purchases can only be guaranteed once confirmation is received from Beaver Of Bolton as stock levels vary from day to day.

If at first you do not find what you are looking for, please add us to your favourites bar as we will be adding more items when they become available.

Most items in the ‘Clearance Offers’ section will be delivered to your door straight from Beaver of Bolton.  Items will be dispatched within 3 to 5 working days of order confirmation and may require a signature upon delivery.

N.B. Only the sizes and colour options listed in this section are available as ‘Clearance Offers’

Beaver of Bolton Country Coats Beaver of Bolton Field Coats

Shooting Coats

Country Coats

Classic Shoot Vest

Zip Front Shoot Vest

Beaver of Bolton Classic Shoot Vest Beaver of Bolton Zip Front Tweed Shoot Vest

Tweed Waistcoats

Beaver of Bolton Tweed Waistcoats

Quilted Shooting Jackets

Beaver of Bolton Quilted Shooting Jackets

Tweed Breeks

from £140

from £140

from £115

from £89

from £69.95

Quilted Shoot Vests

Beaver of Bolton Quilted Shoot Vests

from £75

from £45

Beaver of Bolton Tweed Breeks

Moleskin & Corduroy  Breeks

from £75

Beaver of Bolton Moleskin Breeks

from £60

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Can’t find what you are looking for?

We have a small stock of items not featured on the website that are available for delivery now.

contact us  for more details.